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STATEMENT Recently a fellow creative caught me off guard. We were engaged in casual conversation and he asked me what I consider the dreaded question: “Hey, I just want to ask if you can explain your artist philosophy. Do you have any universal themes throughout your work?” Ugh.  I had a headache that day and […]



noun When you want to do it right, you do it yourself.  That’s what my Mother used to say and I’ve had many opportunities of late to test the theory.   Over the course of 15 months, I had the amazing experience of re-imagining and renovating 2 separate spaces for Skep Space. Both were old homes […]

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Inaugural Post

It is the last day of 2023, a momentous year for Skep Space, and a fitting time to post our first blog entry, something we’ve imagined for months.  No time like the present, as this time between Christmas and New Year’s is a natural break in the rhythm of my teaching and family life.  One […]